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Event review

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11. Constellation Hub

University of Applied Sciences Fulda

At the invitation of Prof. Dr Kirsten Nazarkiewicz, the 11th Constellation Hub took place on 26/27 November 2023 at Fulda University of Applied Sciences. This time, Kirsten Nazarkiewicz had designed the hub as part of a teaching module, so that the focus was on working with the students. They took part in constellations for the first time and were introduced to the method of exploratory constellations by Prof Dr Georg Müller-Christ from the University of Bremen.

Together with the ten other colleagues from Fulda University and consultants, an intensive exchange took place on how the young people experienced the method and its cognitive power.


Online Conference

Organisational Development 4.0

Experienced constellation leaders shared their concepts and experiences in workshops and discussion rounds. The conference in November 2022 was open to anyone looking for new ways to manage the complexity of organisations constructively and innovatively between rationality and intuition.

10. Constellation Hub

Zurich University of Applied Sciences

At the invitation of Dr Reto Zbinder and Prof. Dr Michael Zirkler, the 10th Constellation Hub took place on 7 & 8 November 2022 in Switzerland. 15 people interested in the introduction of system constellations in universities intensively discussed the possibilities of conducting research with system constellations.

Five constellations on different topics gave rise to new images in the participants about the potential of system constellations in research and teaching.


Science Dialogue

With Prof. Dr. Markus Maier, LMU Munich

In the dialog with Prof. Dr. Markus Maier

System constellators and scientists explore the phenomenon of representative perception together.

We are happy to provide a recording of the event here to disposal.

Katrina Barry

9. Constellation Hub

Steinbeis University of Applied Sc Hochschule Berlin

Dr Andrea Berreth organized the invitation to the university and for the first time since the pandemic from 14 & 15  Febraury 2022  an infosyon event took place in person. 12 people followed infosyon's invitation and worked intensively in discussions and constellations to understand the different sciences and their logic. There were very stimulating insights into the relationship between science and society.


Science Dialogue

With Rupert Sheldrake

Kick-off event In dialogue with Dr. Rupert Sheldrake

System constellators and scientists explore the phenomenon of representative perception together.

We are happy to provide a recording of the event available here.

Katrina Barry


We discover purpose

With Romy Gerhard from Radical Business Innovation

Another highlight on the journey from


Organized and moderated by Romy Gerhard from Radical Business Innovation.

You can find a follow-up report on this here

Katrina Barry

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