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University Bremen

Constellation and Symposium equal Conposium: Together, science and practice explore and reflect on the potential of constellations to see the world differently and more complexly. Participation is free of charge.


Organiser: Prof. Dr. Georg Müller-Christ

This event will be held in German.

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Creating Future

Online training

Save the Date for 2023:


19.06. - 20.06.23             

05.10. - 06.10.23              

30.11. - 01.12.23

Kristine Alex


System and Business constellations in Frankfurt

Open seminars on Saturday 7 October and Saturday 25 November 2023

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Uwe Buchhop

D - 60323 Frankfurt/M

Mobil: 0049 (0) 160/ 99 71 92 08


These events are in German.

Bild TOOLBOX Intensivseminar (002)_edited.jpg

TOOLBOX seminar


From the 8 October 2023  is the next toolbox seminar that introduces the online tools and techniques of Business Constellations in six half-day modules.

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These events are in German


See. And be seen.

Business Constellations im Change Mangement und Marketing

At this day workshop in Hamburg on 10 October, 2023 we explore together how business constellations allow new perspectives and insights very quickly and experience the effectiveness of this method in two important entrepreneurial fields.

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Wolf Maurer, Effective Academy Hamburg,

+49 40 35707555

This event is in German


A systemic Leadership and Organisational Constellation Training Programme

On 22 September 2023 we will be launching our international training programme Leading into the future.


The programme is based on the systemic way of thinking, integrating the method of business constellations with systemic leadership principles.

Further information can be found here >> Tel: +49 177 316 4780  Tel: + 49 172 6705282


Live my life

In the right place professionally and privately

New training course in 2023:

12.-14.06.23            (3 days supervision)

25.-27.09.22            (3 days) 

10.-12.11.23            (3 days)


Kristine Alex

Experimental Horn.png

Organisational Constellations

Training in Munich

This advanced training is about the professional application of system constellations for organizations, teams and individuals.  The focus is on change and transformation processes and the ability of the method to capture the essence in real time.

Details can be found here: (in German)

Bild Constellations Week.jpg

Constellations Week 2024

30.- Juni - 05. July 2024 in Schenna

Further information can be found here


This event is in German.


Romy Gerhard

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