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Constellations Week 2024

30. Juni - 05. Juli 2024 in Schloss Rechtenthal in Tramin, Südtirol

At the Constellations Week in South Tyrol, inspired constellationists explore meaningful topics from the areas of business, education, people and society together with entrepreneurs, managers and people interested in development. Around 70 inspired participants from numerous European countries, as well as from America and Asia, look together at the space of possibilities and expand their "consciousness" together. Simultaneous translation into English is guaranteed.

Enjoyment and a holiday feeling are guaranteed in the idyllic Tramin on the Wine Route. The beautiful Rechtenthal Castle with its magnificent castle garden invites you to linger and our private bathing jetty on Lake Kaltern invites you to take a refreshing swim!

Members of infosyon receive a 15% member discount (discount code: infosyon15).

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If you have any questions, please contact Romy Gerhard:

Learning Nuggets

Inspiration, Exchange and practice

In two-hour online events, speakers from the organizational and working world present their knowledge, skills and actions.

Free for infosyon members in 2024 thanks to a wonderful agreement with Romy Gerhard.

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Dates, further information and to register

These events are in German!

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Conposium 2024
an der Universität Bremen

16. - 20. September

In the Constellation Symposium, or Conposium for short, science and practice come together to explore the world together using constellations, especially the world of organizations. Anyone interested in the new format of exploratory constellations is invited to take part in the free event at the University of Bremen.


Prof. Dr. Georg Müller-Christ has once again invited people who work with the method of exploratory constellations in science and practice. You can find more information at:

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Organisational Constellations

Training in Munich

This advanced training is about the professional application of system constellations for organizations, teams and individuals.  The focus is on change and transformation processes and the ability of the method to capture the essence in real time.

Details can be found here: (in German)

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La Formación que ofrecemos se basa en las constelaciones sistémicas estructurales (SySt®) originadas y desarrolladas por Insa Sparrer y Matthias Varga von Kibèd a partir de fines de la década del 1980.

Es una herramienta que te va a permitir expandir tu profesión y obtener recursos para gestionar crisis o problemas que aparecen bloqueados, ofreciendo una nueva perspectiva.

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