infosyon Academy

Sharing experiences, increasing knowledge, collective creativity: these were the guiding themes at the founding event of the infosyon Academy in Bremen on 12 and 13 May 2017. A group of 18 experienced constellation leaders dealt with the goal and the new format of the academy. The academy wants to unite research and further education on system constellations into a self-organizing, co-creative design process. The idea of the academy, formulated by Claude Rosselet and Georg Müller-Christ, led to an intensive exchange of ideas on three topics.


An Approach to Science


In search of constructive self-narrations


Find your way into a co-creative professionalization process

Announcements of upcoming events

Academy February 2021

Our 9th international 

Academy meeting will take place online on 12th and 13th of February 2021.

Program here.

Academy  Oct 2021

The 10th Academy Meeting

takes place on 01./02. October 2021 at the Steinbeis University in Berlin.


A continuous protocol of the academy sessions can be downloaded here.

Short Report

A short report on our first online academy meeting last May can be found


If you would like to participate, please register directly at the office.

A List of Academy Meetings 
8. infosyon Academy: again online in Sptember 2020



In a smaller group infosyon members from Italy, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Austria and Germany met on September 18th for a collegial training. We experimented with constellation in the context of theory U and supported a Polish research project on female entrepreneurs with an exploratory constellation.

7. infosyon Akademie: zum ersten Mal online im Mai 2020

Affected by Corona, the 7th Academy event did not take place in Vienna as planned, but online on May 22, 2020.

We were able to experience what it is like to perceive a virtual community with 40 participants from 10 countries and to make online constellations.

It was a stimulating start to global online communication in the association.

You can find the short report here .

6. Akademie-Treffen Sept. 2019 an der Universität Bremen

Mit dem 2. internationalen Akademie-Treffen am 27./28. September 2019, an dem 22 Aufstellungsleiter/innen aus 7 Ländern teilnahmen, haben wir unser Format erweitert. Am ersten Tag arbeiteten wir direkt mit Partnern aus der Wirtschaft und demonstrierten verschiedene Aufstellungsformate zu Praxisanliegen von Beiersdorf und von Siemens. Am zweiten Tag entwickelte die Gruppe ihre eigenen Themen und experimentierte mit neuen Formaten.

5th Academy meeting February 2019 in Vienna

According to the participants' feedback, the academy meeting turned into a collegial training event.


This title expresses exactly what the Academy is all about. Learning from one another and experimenting together. In Vienna, this was particularly successful, perhaps also due to the stimulating energy of the venue, which was designed in the style of the artist Hundertwasser.

20 constellation leaders from Germany and Austria met for the first time beyond the borders of the different associations, the German and Austrian, in order to experience the positive dynamics prevaiing between both constellation associations.

4th Academy meeting Sept. 2018 at the Hochschule Ansbach

The 4th Academy Event took place on 28/29 October 2018 at the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences at the invitation of Dr. Jürgen Rippel.

Yet again 22 participants met to dedicate themselves in a collegial and inspiring process to the topics, which were brought along from their own constellation worlds.


The 4th event has been summarized in a video by Helge Max Jahns, which can be downloaded below.

3rd Academy meeting April 2018 in Wiesloch

On April 25, 2018, the third event of the infosyon Academy took place in Wiesloch near Heidelberg.
In the run-up to the conference "20 Years of Organizational Constellations- Where are the Dragons Flying Now!"

20 participants from 13 different countries met for the first international infosyon Academy event. 


In keeping with the idea of self-organized collegial learning, there was no agenda for this event. The international group let their topics develop into the creation of the programme of the day.

2nd Academy meeting October 2017 at the Hochschule Reutlingen

On 27/28 October, the second event of the infosyon Academy took place at Reutlingen University of Applied Sciences with a group of 14 experienced constellators at the invitation of the two Professors Carmen Finckh and Kerstin Reich.

Nine of the participants also took part in the founding event. The group followed up on the topics of the first event, focusing on the approach to science and practicing the format of the self-organizing, co-creative design process.

1st Academy meeting May 2017 at the University of Bremen

After interested and lively exchange rounds and several constellations a common basic understanding for the work of the academy emerged. The final question "Should the Academy be founded?" was answered with "Yes" by those present.

"What's happening here?" A film on the infosyon Academy by Helge Max Jahns, September 2018