System Constellation Method

The number of people who have experienced constellation or heard about it through stories is constantly increasing. Consequently, this makes it easier to briefly describe what a constellation is. The method lives from the fact that it visualises a system, three-dimensionally in space, no matter whether family, team, organisation or nation. This image in space alone often already triggers great learning effects for system experts, because they suddenly have a wholeness before their eyes for which they otherwise only have inner and blurred images. Such an image is often created quickly, but the challenge of the method lies in the fact that the representatives for the system have information at their disposal at the moment they enter the image that they did not have before. 

This phenomenon is mostly called representative perception and makes up the whole effect of a constellation. Experienced representatives, but also beginners, bring previously unnoticed or completely unknown information about the system into the room. In order to enable observers and request giver to deal constructively with the sometimes unexpected information, we strongly recommend that only experienced leaders carry out a constellation. Unexpected information through representative perception can also be disturbing for all participants. Solid theoretical knowledge and a lot of practical experience enable the constellation leaders, who are certified as professionals or master trainers according to our quality criteria, to deal therapeutically cautiously and/or advisingly goal-oriented with all situations that can create constellations.

Why this phenomenon of representative perception exists is something that science has so far hardly been able to explain. Research on this topic is already taking place, to which our members also contribute a great deal. Ultimately, however, we have all experienced through our work that constellations generate very helpful information in order to be able to deal with complex issues in companies.

In his dissertation at the University, Dr. Denis Pijetlovic designed the following scheme, which reflects very well the variety of constellations and the prerequisites of the method.

Schema der Aufstellungstypen.png