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The Wide Field of Constellation Work

Cross-association event series

"Collegial learning through experience and dialogue"



March 20, 2024 Öfs with Sylvia Brenzel & Manuela Mätzener

April 17, 2024 infosyon with Anton Jessner

June 12, 2024 SyStconnect with Harald Heinrich

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These events are in German

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Constellations Week in South Tirol

Visit the Constellations Week and come to the infosyon anniversary for free!
30.06.24 - 05.07.24

During Constellations Week, people meet on equal terms and create experiences together that hardly anyone could dream of. Dynamic visualizations from the fields of business, education, people and society lead to important findings and insights.


infosyon members will receive the full registration fee for the infosyon conference when they visit Constellations Week, and all other visitors to Constellations Week will also receive a discount of at least* 175 euros with the discount voucher “infosyon175”.

Further information about Constellations Week can be found here:

Information about further discounts, information on car sharing, etc. is provided

Romy Gerhard

After work meetings 2024

Connecting with the community

In line with our vision of networking and empowering constellators with ideas and experience, infosyon will continue to offer monthly after­work meetings for it's members throughout 2024. 

In the 90 minute online ZOOM meetings, we create a space for exchanging experience and for short impulses, ideas and concepts. The meetings are for members only and are free of charge.


05.02.24 / 04.03.24 / 08.04.24 / 06.05.234/ 03.06.24 / 01.07.24 / 09.09.24 / 27.10.24 / 04.11.24 


Mondays 5 - 6.30 p.m

Language: English

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To register please send a mail to

Learning Nuggets

Inspiration, Exchange and practice

In two-hour online events, speakers from the organizational and working world present their knowledge, skills and actions.

Free for infosyon members in 2024 thanks to a wonderful agreement with Romy Gerhard.

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Dates, further information and to register

These events are in German!

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