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The infosyon Network

Groups with different orientations

Learning & exercise groups

These learning workshops are particularly suitable for new learners. Participants of the various training institutes deepen what they have learned through practical activities and theoretical considerations. But experts can also benefit from the beginners spirit of these groups. 

intervision groups

Users of the constellation work meet regularly to reflect on their own actions in the form of case supervision; or to prepare for new or difficult projects; maybe also with colleagues to consider your own style or your own limits in the constellation work.

Research Groups

These mostly topic-centric groups experiment with forms and procedures and thus continuously develop the methodology of system constellations and their value-adding application for central tasks of organizations.

Peer groups - practice, intervision and experimental groups

If systemic constellation is a kind of language, as M. Varga of Kibéd has expressed it in various places, then mastery of constellation work is closely linked to continuous practice. The many different peer, learning, intervision and experimentation groups provide space for this. 

infosyon peer groups

The regional infosyon peer groups offer members of the forum and interested parties in-depth information and support in their work with system constellations in organizations and work contexts. The leaders of these groups are multiple certified infosyon professionals  and  have agreed to base their peer group concept on the framework conditions and working principles recommended by infosyon.

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