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As an international association, infosyon has developed three types of quality standards. For the clients of consultants who use system constellations, the standards provide important information about the appropriate use and the correct procedure. Naturally, they cannot provide a quality guarantee. To process any negative experiences, infosyon has aombudsmanfurnished.

Standard professional

infosyons quality standards (since 2005) are the only ones in the world that are explicitly geared towards organizational use. They serve as a guide and for identity formation. infosyon-certified organizational constellators may call themselves Professionals and use the seal shown above.


Standards Master Trainer

infosyon has been certifying trainers of further training courses in the field of system constellations for organizational and work contexts for many years on the basis of quality standards. infosyon-certified trainers may call themselves Master trainers and use the seal shown above.


standard curriculum

infosyon has created a quality standard for training formats in the area of system constellations for organizational and work contexts. You can recognize infosyon-certified training curricula by the seal shown above.

Procedure of Certification

Q process graphic.png

The certification procedure is the same for all levels of certification. The respective application forms can be downloaded here:

Application Professional

Curricular Path A



Moduler path B 



Tertiary Path C



Send your documents to our office by post or email.


The office checks the documents for completeness (complete self-disclosure form and documents on the training courses and requests any missing documents).


You will receive an invoice for the admissions process.


After receipt of payment, the office sends the documents to the quality team.


The quality team studies the documents and prepares an interview with you.


A member of the quality team conducts a semi-structured interview with you and documents the result on the interview form.


The recommendation to accept the certification goes to the responsible board member, who ultimately decides on the acceptance.


The board member will inform you of the acceptance and send the appropriate seals.

Quality team

The quality team processes all certification requests and regularly reviews the quality standards to adapt them to new experiences.

Bonenkamp Cornelia.jpg

Cornelia Bonenkamp

I have been working with systemic constellations for 20 years and with organizational constellations for 12 years. I worked in schools until 1999. I have completed training in dialogue processes and coaching and am a trainer in NLP.

My goal is, on the basis of systemic/complex thinking and with the help of the constellations, to bring into view what has not been seen, to bring unconsciously acting things into consciousness, in order to open up the perspective  for new possibilities for action to generate. In this way, I help interested entrepreneurs, companies, organizations, managers, coaches and people to gain more strength and success.

Gerhard Romy.jpg

Romy Gerhard

Since 2001 I have been dealing intensively with systemic constellations, especially in the business environment. As an organizational consultant, supervisor and coach, I have been fascinated for many years by accompanying people and organizations in their development. Constellations support this efficiently and effectively.
Personnel and organizational development (accompanied) me in the past as a manager of a large company for many years and later as a member of the management of a training center for coaches and consultants. Today I am the enthusiastic owner of an education and consulting company that is committed to leadership development, helps strategy and change processes to succeed, resolves conflicts, implements individual and team coaching, and has been teaching the use of the constellation method in a professional context since 2006.  


Scherin Beuther

As an integral organizational developer (IntOE), executive coach (systemic diploma) and facilitator, I offer my customers methods that make it possible

  • to make the invisible visible

  • to make the implicit explicit

  • to try the untried

  • to consider the unthought.


With this in mind, I stumbled across constellation work as early as the early 2000s as part of a training course to become a systemic coach. At that time I was working as a trainer in a large savings bank and felt little willingness and little curiosity to pay attention to this method, let alone to integrate it into everyday professional (management) life. 


Today 20 years later, richer by a few years of constellation training (IOSA - Rolf Lutterbeck, system constellations - Georg Müller-Christ) and several constellations both as a constellation leader and as a representative, I can choose this extremely effective, very enlightening, always ready to use and immensely useful method I can't imagine my tool kit without it - even if I still sometimes encounter skepticism and disbelief when I try it for the first time...

I remain confident that constellation work will be one of THE management tools in the future.

Polack Daniel.jpg

Daniel Polack

I am a businessman with a long career (1976-1980) in Israel and since 1987 in Argentina. I graduated from UBA, Faculty of  Sciences (1971), with a Licenciado degree in Chemical Sciences. Postgraduate degree at Weizman Institute, Israel. I graduated from the Postgraduate School of the Gestalt Association of Buenos Aires (2001). and coordinated Gestalt workshops

I did my studies in Family Constellations at the Bert Hellinger Center in Argentina (2002-2003) and then I trained in Organizational and Business Constellations


Participate in Argentina, Mexico, Spain and Colombia with seminars and training workshops with Bert Hellinger and with Dr. Gunthard Weber (Mexico, Holland, USA).

With Mathias Varga von Kibéd and Insa Sparrer, creators of the Structural Constellations, I have been trained since 2006. I currently have the Certificate of Advanced Practitioner (Syst).

I am certified as an Ontological Coach and Transformational Leadership Facilitator. Since 2004 I give workshops in Labor, Organizational and Business Constellations. Since 2014 I teach in Structural Constellations and since 2019 in Organizational Constellations.

Master and Trainer in Infosyon.  I am the author of the book “Constelaciones para Organizaciones y Empresas”, Ed. Signs, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2017).

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