Recommendations for Peer Groups


The regional peer groups offer the members of the Forum and all interested parties deepening and support in their work with system constellations in organisations and working contexts. With the following descriptions infosyon would like to give recommendations, which can serve as orientation for the leaders of the peer groups.


  • Practice leading constellations

  • Supervision / Intervision - Learning through Reflection

  • Procedures and application in organisations and work contexts

  • Promotion of method diversity and exchange of methods between different constellation schools

  • Exchange about application possibilities in management and organization context

  • Exchange by linking the constellation method with other consulting or management instruments

  • Inviting customers/clients and/or guest speakers on special topics, if applicable


  • Topics and questions from organisations and work contexts

  • Theory of system constellations and complementary methods in organizations and work contexts

Target group

  • Active users of system constellations who wish to continue their education

  • People who have started further training in system constellations in organisations and work contexts and would like to actively set up

  • First and foremost, the peer groups should be open to members of infosyon e. V. and those interested in membership. The concrete conditions of participation are determined by the responsible leaders on site

  • infosyon recommends that there be different participation fees for infosyon members and non-members


Framework conditions and working principles

Ideally, a meeting focuses on a topic that is being prepared.

  • The working atmosphere is serious and trustworthy; concerns are treated with absolute confidentiality and not passed on to outsiders

  • The possibility to document constellations for own training or research purposes should be given. It is incumbent on self-organisation

  • infosyon e. V.  recommends the following communication principles within the group:

    • Listen

    • Speak from the heart

    • Constructive feedback

    • Suspend assumption

    • Respect for others

    • Reflection rounds according to formations

    • Addressing conflicts openly and creating space for processing

    • To introduce wishes for change with concrete proposals for solutions

    • Taking responsibility for one's own well-being

    • New participants have the opportunity to introduce themselves and thus contribute their motivation and expectations to the group

Moderation and Organisation (HOST)

  • The peer groups are organised and moderated by one or two leaders, who are themselves members of infosyon, for a fixed period of time.

  • Only the leaders are responsible for the design of the peer groups, both for the content and the implementation. infosyon e. V. assumes no responsibility and liability.

  •   infosyon e. V. recommends the peer group leaders:

    • Elaboration of the topics by the participants 

    • Organize a careful growth of the group

    • Information flow via e-mail to all participants

    • Clear structuring of the process and courageous moderation

    • Summary reflection after each meeting

    • Appointment in consultation with the group

    • If applicable, report at meetings and general meeting on the work and participation in supraregional meetings of the moderators

    • Support of new members (godparent principle)