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Institute APSYS KG

Leonhardstrasse 91/I

A - 8010 Graz

phone   +43 (0) 316 325291


Christine Blumenstein-Essen

The Ombudsperson mediates in all cases in which clients of association members are of the opinion that their expectations have not been met or complaints regarding certifications. We accept complaints, listen to the different sides and offer, non-bureaucratically, a free mediation.

We propose the following procedure:

  1. Should you, as a client of an association member have a complaint, or you, as a member, have a complaint regarding a certification, we ask you to send this in your native language to the Ombudsperson.

  2. The Ombudsperson will then contact you and will discuss the context of your issue.

  3. The  member concerned, or the Quality Team will be invited to give a statement

  4. According to the issue concerned, a conciliation meeting will be held or recommendations given to both parties.


We are committed to confidentiality. Our work is on an honorary basis, free of charge and can be used by all of our members and the clients of our members. In the members assembly we report anonymously on the number of cases received and the nature of the issues. This ensures that the position of an Ombudsperson is also contributing to ensuring the quality of constellation work.