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Representative perception

The field of constellators is very interested in science being able to research and understandably explain the phenomenon that shapes constellations the most: representative perception. However, this is not so easy, because experiments must first be designed to investigate such non-measurable phenomena. Nevertheless, there are some in the group of constellators who deal very intensively with the question of why constellations work and have already published texts and books on this.

At the same time, the initiative to establish system constellations as a method of qualitative social research arises in science itself. It is about using constellations to collect data about social processes and social systems in a new way.

The association is very interested in collaborating with Wissenschaft  and increasing knowledge about how system constellations work, how they can be used and how they work. In doing so, we find that fortunately there are now so many projects in science and in practical research that lead to books and texts faster than we can record and depict here. We have therefore decided to draw particular attention to the projects that are initiated or supported by our members.

Contact person for questions about research and system constellations is board member Prof. Dr. Georg Müller-Christ.

The infosyon portal offers the followering links to research

Information on the associations own academy for the further training of constellation leaders


Twice a year people meet who want to disseminate systemic constellations in research and teaching.

Constellation Hub

In this list you will find publications that were largely created by the members of infosyon.


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