Criteria of Professional Constellation

In our experience, the following is required for the good management of system constellations in the organizational area:

  • thinking in systemic-constructivist approaches 

  • theoretical and practical knowledge about working in and with organisations 

  • a sound knowledge of the theoretical and methodological foundations of constellations 

  • process-oriented working along emerging phenomena 

  • distinctive fine sensory perception and intuition 

  • the clear formulation of the assignment, the appropriate settings and the integration into ongoing processes 

  • the observance of a meaningful and useful coupling of constellation results to the order and the goals of the customer 

  • personal integrity and autonomy; an attitude of impartiality and appreciation 

  • the ability to detach oneself from one's own intentions and images 

  • Clarity towards the customer regarding the possibilities and limits of constellations


Impartiality, neutrality, sense of responsibility, awareness, recognition and modesty are expressions that describe the professional disposition of a constellation facilitator.

This professional disposition becomes clear during the following practices:

  • Clarification of task and context during a systemic interview

  • Focusing on helpful and beneficial solutions before, during and after the constellation process

  • Transparency of the working hypotheses

  • Respecting agreed boundaries

  • Working syntactically and as far as possible, with minimal interpretation

  • Extensive follow-up discussions after each constellation

Competent work with System Constellations also takes into account further aspects:

  • The solutions are the result of the client ('systems') (own) efforts; they develop from the inside outwards. They are not "implemented" via "interventions" from a knowledgeable consultant

  • System Constellations are to be viewed as a dialogical group performance; with the repertoire in her/his "toolbox", the consultant merely contributes helpful recommendations

  • The consultant is also available for questions and follow-up work

  • Confidentiality is taken as understood

  • The constellation facilitator works significantly on themselves with regular further training, supervision, intervision, and self-reflection