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Das Qualitätsteam bearbeitet alle Zertifizierungsanfragen und überprüft regelmäßig die Qualitätsstandards, um sie den neuen Erfahrungen anzupassen.

Dr. Friedrich Assländer

More than 20 years ago I completed my first courses "Family Constellations" with Bert Hellinger. In 1995 I started as a pioneer after a course "Organizational Constellations" at Hellinger with constellations in an operational context. Since 2000 I have been leading advanced training courses on organizational constellations and have also been giving courses in St. Petersburg, Graz and other places.

Dipl.-Kaufmann, Dr. phil. (PhD in Psychology), born 1946, four successful children.

10 years manager in a financial group, since 1985 self-employed as trainer, consultant and coach, since 2005 together with Father Anselm Grün leadership seminars in the house Benedikt in Würzburg.

25 years as university lecturer: leadership techniques and communication, board member and founding member of the Spirituell Venture Network e. V., long-standing board member of the Verein Spiritituelle Wege e. V., extensive lecture activities, numerous essays and books on the topics of leadership, time management, system constellations and spirituality. 25 years of Zen practice with various teachers.

Cornelia Bonenkamp

I have been working with systemic constellations for 20 years and with organizational constellations for 12 years. I worked in the school sector until 1999. I have completed training in dialogue process and coaching and am a trainer in NLP.



My goal is to use the systemic / complex thinking and the constellations to bring the not seen into focus, to bring unconscious acting into consciousness in order to generate the perspective for new possibilities for action. In this way I help interested entrepreneurs, companies, organizations, executives, coaches and people to gain more strength and success.

Romy Gerhard

Since 2001 I have been intensively involved with system constellations, especially in the business environment. As an organizational consultant, supervisor and coach, I have been fascinated for many years by accompanying people and organizations in their development. Constellations support me efficiently and effectively.
Personnel and Organizational Development (accompanied) me earlier as a long-time executive of a large company and later as a member of the management of a training center for coaches and consultants. Today I am an enthusiastic owner of an educational and consulting company that is committed to leadership development, helps strategy and change processes to succeed, solves conflicts, implements individual and team coaching, and has been teaching the application of the constellation method in a professional context since 2006. 

Daniel Polack

I am a businessman with a long career (1976-1980) in Israel and since 1987 in Argentina. I graduated from UBA, Faculty of  Sciences (1971), with a Licenciado degree in Chemical Sciences. Postgraduate degree at Weizman Institute, Israel. I graduated from the Postgraduate School of the Gestalt Association of Buenos Aires (2001). and coordinated Gestalt Workshops

I did my studies in Family Constellations at the Bert Hellinger Center in Argentina (2002-2003) and then I trained in Organizational and Business Constellations.

Participate in Argentina, Mexico, Spain and Colombia with seminars and training workshops with Bert Hellinger and with Dr. Gunthard Weber (Mexico, Holland, USA).

With Mathias Varga von Kibéd and Insa Sparrer, creators of the Structural Constellations, I have been trained since 2006. I currently have the Certificate of Advanced Practitioner (Syst).

I am certified as an Ontological Coach and Transformational Leadership Facilitator. Since 2004 I give workshops in Labor, Organizational and Business Constellations. Since 2014 I teach in Structural Constellations and since 2019 in Organizational Constellations.

Master and Trainer in Infosyon.  I am the author of the book “Constelaciones para Organizaciones y Empresas”, Ed. Signs, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2017).

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