We cooperate with various other associations whose aim is as well to make constellations a recognised method in different contexts.


The gathering place for systemic constellation practitioners from all over the world.


The DGfS is a national organisation of system operators for Germany, for all fields of application. Events are advertised by each other and sent with speakers.

infosyon members regularly contribute professional articles to the organization section of the professional journal "praxis der systemaufstellung".

Publisher of the journal "praxis der systemaufstellung"


The ÖfS is the national organisation of system constellation for Austria, for all fields of application (therapy/consultating, organisation/occupation, further applications). Since 2007 there has been a successful cooperation in the field of organisation/occupation.

Double members receive a reduction of 20 % of the membership fee from both associations. The invoice for the reduced membership fee will be issued directly by the respective association.


Systemic Structural Constellations® (SySt®) is an approach founded by Insa Sparrer and Matthias Varga von Kibéd that is used in consulting, coaching, mediation, supervision, therapy and leadership. SyStconnect is the international association of those who work with Systemic Structural Constellations®.