Focus & services of infosyon 

The services provided by infosyon are designed to support our members with quality standards in the application of organisational constellations. Within this framework, we work together with our members, customers and researchers in the continued development of content, formats, and appropriate procedures and implementation of the method. 

We focus on three target groups


Professionals who are either working with organisational constellations or want to learn this method, such as: Independent consultants, coaches and supervisors; Trainers inside organisations; Managers and executives; People interested in professional development


Clients and organisations who would like to use the instrument of organisational constellations in their organisation


The public, affiliates and organisations in related subject areas

infosyon offers you 
of people who carry out research and work with organisational constellations as well as trainers 
of application and discussion of the method in society
Quality standards & certification
for facilitators, constellations and training courses
Marketing &
for the recognition of the method and its users 
International and regional events
from international conferences and regional peer-groups to online events
R&D as well as
practical transfer
overview and exchange on the level of R&D as well as best practise