Fields of Application

Every organizational topic can be visualized by a constellation. It does not necessarily have to be solely about the relationships of people in organizations in their roles. Each element of the enterprise system can be expressed in a constellation. In the following application areas constellations have proved very successful, others are conceivable and will be tried out.

Constellation in the context of:

  • Business start-ups

  • Company succession

  • Markt analyses

  • Selection of personnel

  • Supplier selection

  • Financing strategies

  • Innovation management

  • Stakeholder analyses

  • Environmental protection

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Employee satisfaction

  • Strategic processes

  • Coming to terms with the past

  • Corporate mergers

  • Cultural analyses

  • and much more

Information Gains through Constellation

as an effective, holistic diagnostic instrument.

as an orientation and decision-making aid.

to simulate the effects as a pre-test.

to gain common points of view and emotional charge.

for "inexplicable" problems; as crisis intervention.